Membership of professional bodies and research networks

-  Founder of the Romanian Quantitative Studies Association (RQSA) (2015). President since 2015.

-  member of European Survey Research Association (ESRA), since 2011.

-  member of the European Sociological Association (since 2007). Founding member of the "Sociology of migration" Research Network (2010).

-  member of the Data for Development group, of the Research Data Alliance  (since 2014)

-  member of the Romanian Election Studies & Romanian CSES team (Comparative Study of Electoral Systems) (since 2009).

-  Principal investigator for World Values Survey Romania, since 2005.

-  member of the network of experts of the Laboratory for Comparative Social Research, Higher School of Economics, Moscow.

-  founding member of the Romanian Group for Studying Social Values (since 2005).

-  member of Romanian Sociologists Society (2009-2011).

-  founding Member of the Network of Young European Social Scientists (NYESS) (since 2005)

-  member (1997-2011) of the Romanian Association of Sociology (ASR) (1997-2002: member of the ASR Council and treasurer of the association; 2005-2009: member of the ASR board)

-  member (1994-1997) of the Social Observatory of the University of Bucharest (OS)

-  member (1994-1998) of the Society of the Students in Sociology - University of Bucharest (SSS‑UB) (1996 - 1997: President of the Professional Department)


Editorial boards

-   member (2010-present) of the advisory board of Journal of SocialResearch & Policy, published by University of Oradea

-   member (since 2008) of the editorial board of the Social Change Review (former Revista de Sociologie), published by the Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu

-   member (since 2003) of the editorial board of the Calitatea Vieţii journal, published by the Romanian Academy of Science

-   general secretary of the editorial board (2003-2004), respectively member of the editorial board (2002-2004; 2006-2010), of the Sociologie Românească journal, published by the Romanian Association of Sociology

- member of the scientific committee (since 2010) of the Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Braşov Series VII - Social Sciences • Law